Traditional Pharmaceutical sales and marketing models have been under duress for several years.  Today, changing customer outreach has become a near-mandate:

  • Customer expectations are being redefined, as is the very definition of “customer”
  • Payers, integrated providers and KOLs are increasingly influential while individual physicians wane as a priority
  • Market access to any customer is becoming increasingly scarce
  • Institutional emphasis on cost control is pressuring branded therapies lacking a clear advantage in efficacy
  • And patients themselves are becoming more important in the model as companies continue to emphasize DTC outreach and adherence programs

As commercializing product becomes more complex, clear understanding of all customer constituencies is more critical than ever.  We work with the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world to apply @Risk analysis to their particular go-to-market challenges. In doing so we identify the specific sales/service experiences depressing product recommendation and share of script, and then create an action-path for top-line improvement.

AREAS of Expertise:

  • Physicians.  Growing share of script, recommendation/referral, KOL advocacy
  • Nurses and Office Managers.  Improving the loyalty and recommendation behaviors of key operational influencers
  • Medical Laboratories.  Influencing capital equipment expenditure and growing throughput of consumables
  • Field Sales Organizations.  Improving customer-facing behaviors, product consideration and trial
  • Payers.  Improving payer relations and product consideration/approval, particularly in therapeutic areas where product is not strongly differentiated
  • IDNs/Institutions.  Improving patient satisfaction, loyalty, adherence and wellness
  • Patients.  Improving wellness, compliance and adherence behaviors