In no category is technology transforming the customer experience as dramatically as it is in retail. Today’s shopper moves freely from brick-and-mortar to online to mobile as their circumstances and needs dictate. “Showrooming” is radically altering how they evaluate product price, utility and value. And social media is decentralizing the building blocks of company brand and market reputation.

To compete in this new world, retailers need a clear understanding of how customer expectations are evolving across all channels and at every point in the consideration/purchase/ownership cycle. @Risk analysis provides the insights necessary to comprehensively understand your customers and to identify which specific experiences are most critical to increasing their spend, share and loyalty. With this understanding retailers can create powerful multi-channel experiences that satisfy and delight customers on their terms—not the channel’s.

Areas of expertise

  • Women’s & Teen Apparel
  • Electronics Retail
  • Automotive Retail
  • Shopping Center
  • General shopper experience (in partnership with The Wharton School’s Jay H. Baker Retailing Initiative)