In a time of unprecedented technological change, Communication Service Providers are experiencing rapid shifts in customer expectations. Media platforms are simultaneously converging and fragmenting. Users are demanding more access across a wider range of devices. They are thinking in bytes, not minutes. And customer mindshare is now a precious commodity—no single provider “owns” it anymore.

But at the heart of this change one thing remains constant: customers make their choices on the basis of their experiences. We have been utilizing @Risk analysis with our CSP clients for nearly 20 years to optimize the customer experience for increased retention, spend and the monetization of new services. Because understanding and addressing the barriers to customer value growth is the fastest way innovate past those barriers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Wireless. Prepaid & Postpaid
  • Landline
  • Cable & Satellite
  • Bundling
  • Retail/Store Strategy
  • Personal, SMB and Commercial segments