@Risk Applications

Because @Risk analysis assesses the fundamental building blocks of human motivation, choice and behavior, it is a highly versatile methodology with a wide range of applications. In addition to customer experience projects, our clients have successfully used @Risk to:

  • Diagnose and improve employee behaviors
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Create new products and services
  • Develop customer segmentation schema
  • Develop and refine market messaging

If a business challenge has a line of site to customer economic behaviors, the chances are that @Risk can provide value in solving for the challenge.  And we are continually innovating its application in response to our client’s requests.

Click below for detail on any of our four core product offerings based on @Risk analysis:

    • Revenue@Risk
      Improves customer spend and loyalty behaviors by mitigating or solving customer problems more effectively
    • Performance@Risk
      Upgrades field force effectiveness by managing the internal problem experiences impairing sales performance
    • Reputation@Risk
      Grows brand equity and market reputation by addressing the problem experiences most responsible for negative word-of-mouth
    • Adherence@Risk
      Improves Rx volume and patient health/wellness for Pharma brands by managing problems that impair patient compliance/persistency to a medical regimen and/or wellness plan