Adherence@Risk applies the principles of @Risk analysis to patient experience. It identifies in actionable, concrete detail how patient problem experiences across the care spectrum impair adherence and degrade wellness behavior.

Adherence@Risk is used by leading Pharma companies across therapeutic areas to

  • Develop patient, caregiver and institutional interventions to improve adherence
  • Drive share of script
  • Create new relationship dialogue opportunities with IDNs and payers
  • Strengthen their overall thought leadership position in their areas of treatment

Adherence@Risk analysis is most useful for conditions that are chronic and/or asymptomatic, characterized by complex treatment regimens. Its insights are particularly powerful for therapies that impose material side effects or necessitate significant lifestyle changes for the patient.

Benefits of Adherence@Risk

  • Holistic Assessment Of Adherence Experiences
    Adherence@Risk can comprehensively accommodate the 360o set of patient experiences that impair wellness or degrade adherence. Programs can be broadly developed to comprehend physician, administrative and social support problems or targeted specifically at a particular set of experiences for a deep-dive assessment.
  • Based On The Morisky Scale
    The analytical method is adapted from the Morisky Scale of Non-Adherence, a well-established tool for gauging the extent to which patients with chronic conditions comply with their drug regimens.
  • Priority View Of Adherence Drivers
    prioritizes patient problem experiences by concurrently identifying which patient experiences have the greatest absolute impact on compliance behaviors and which experiences impact the greatest number of patients in a given population.
  • Broad Application Of Data
    data can be used to develop or tune a wide range of programs, including marketing and educational interventions for patients, operational or educational programs for physicians, non-MD HCPs and caregivers and thought leadership collateral for use by field organizations and marketing outreach.