Performance@Risk is a specific application of Verde’s @Risk analysis that identifies in actionable, concrete detail how Sales Rep behaviors—or the behaviors of any customer facing agent—build or degrade customer spend behaviors and loyalty.

Performance@Risk Benefits:

  • Holistic Sales-To-Customer Linkage
    Performance@Risk quantitatively links customer problem experiences to sub-optimal Sales Rep behaviors. And then it links those sub-optimal rep behaviors to their organizational environment, so clients understand what processes and practices to change internally to have the biggest impact on customer value.
  • Analysis Based on Financial Outcomes
    Performance@Risk measures the financial outcomes of specific Sales Rep behaviors: current and future customer spend behaviors, overall wallet share and impact on product or company brand reputation.
  • Priority View of Opportunities
    Performance@Risk prioritizes which Sales Rep behaviors are most damaging to Customer spend behaviors, and which organizational issues drive the most damaging Rep behaviors
  • Cross-Organizational Application
    Performance@Risk provides executive Sales Leadership, front-line Sales Management, Sales Training and Marketing a specific roadmap of actions to take that will improve Sales Rep performance and Customer market outcomes: spend, share, loyalty and market reputation.