Revenue@RiskTM analysis—our customer experience assessment methodology—is at the heart of all @Risk programs. Revenue@Risk establishes—with statistical certainty—which sub-optimal customer experiences are costing you revenue and share. Read More...

Revenue@Risk Analysis

  • Identifies the specific experiences driving unprofitable customer behaviors
  • Isolates those with the greatest negative impact on customer value
  • Prioritizes all experiences on basis of overall financial impact
  • Creates an explicit action path for improving the most costly experiences

Revenue@Risk includes the elements of traditional satisfaction assessment, but goes far beyond satisfaction to the loyalty experiences that really matter to customers. Because while satisfaction is a necessary precondition for loyalty, on its own it will not drive high value customer behaviors. For loyalty to grow, satisfaction must be combined with the absence of dissatisfaction.

Ultimately, revenue and share depend on two things: the quality of the experiences you create for your customers, and whether those customer experiences are superior or inferior those your competitors are creating. Revenue@Risk is a proven approach for understanding both and acting on that understanding to improve customer value.